thomas j. filip fotography

While working on a project to capture the essence of Harvard Square, I was continually drawn to these rowers on the Charles River.  In the springtime's evening light they muscled their way through the calm water with grace and form.  Pedestrians leisurely strolled the bridges and riverbanks enjoying the season's first warmth while rowers strained their muscles to the max and pushed their heart rates to the limit.  The stiff, geometric shells served both as a barrier between the rhythmic athletes and the amorphous water and as the machines that enabled the interaction between the two.

The first four images in this gallery are currently showing at the Crooked Frame Art Gallery and Coffee Shop in the Art Museum neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Each image was captured digitally, printed on Kodak Royal paper and framed with archival quality materials.  These framed prints are available for $195 each.  Please stop by to see the gallery's wide selection of works by local artists.

Crooked Frame
2545 Brown St
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 235-5282